Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Last Minute Wintery Word Work

So with the long weekend I decided I would create some new word work games to get me through the end of the month. So here you to the end for a freebie!!!

Snowy Match-students read the word then add a "magic e". They read the word again and match the word to the picture. 

Mitten Match-students match the picture with the ccvc word. They can check their answers by making sure the color of the mittens match.

Wintery Fun!- students use the word cards to make a sentence. Then write the sentence next to the correct picture.

Rhyming Mittens-if the pictures on the mittens rhyme you color a happy face if they don't you color a sad face.

Wintery Words-students roll the dice then read the words next to the corresponding number. The more they roll the better they get! This is a great fluency activity. I also created this game with nonsense words grab the here as a FREEBIE!!!

Want to use these games with your kiddos get them here at my TpT store.

Off to work on some Valentine's Day word work and math a activities!!

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