Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cultural Diversity Day

On Thursday we will be hosting our first cultural diversity day at school. We have parents coming in to help us lead lessons and promote diversity.

First up how do you explain diversity to kinders. Earlier in the week our guidance counselor lead a lesson on being different. To get the kids interested in talking about being different she had the kinds think of something they could draw with her brand new box of crayons. With a little guidance they came up with a rainbow. She pulled a blue crayon out and drew the first line. Then she pulled another blue crayon out and drew another blue line, and another and another. (Before the lessons she filled the box with only blue crayons) When done she asked what's wrong with my picture. With a little guidance she got them to see that all the lines were the same. 

Then she read The Crayon Box that talked. They discussed of by themselves all the colors made boring pictures with out any details but together and different they created beautiful pictures. 

As a class they created a circle map tell how they are different. Then each student got their own crayon to write what makes them different, they added the crayons to a class crayon box to remind them that it is ok to be different. Grab you free copy of the class crayon box here.

On Thursday we will be building upon this lesson by looking at what diversity means and then we will celebrate something they have done for the first time and were proud of it. This will be our lead into talking about a historical figure who accomplished a first and changed history. Kindergarten will be focusing on Barack Obama. Stay tuned for the fun things we will be doing. 

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