Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Accelerated Reader

Recently our PTA bought Accelerated Reader for the entire school. At first we were told we wouldn't have to do much, but we quickly found out that kinders could not do it on their own. So after some brainstorming here is what we came up with.

Instead of sending our kiddos to the media with the rest of the school on Tuesday and Thursday morning we created a sign up genesis for parents to volunteer for time slots on Tuesday to give our kiddos the AR quiz one on one.

We were also having trouble communicating with parents to know what books students were ready to take a quiz on. The students could tell us what the story was about but not always the title or the author. So we created these slips that we then attach to the back of the homework. When a student is ready to take the quiz their parents fill out the form and send it into school.

Our PTA also purchased charms for our kids to wear on a necklace for every 5 quizzes they pass. My co-worker and I worked so hard the first week and even had volunteers and couldn't get the kids to 5 passed quizzes. So we switched it up and now students will receive one pony bead for each passed quiz they take. When they hit 5 they will get the 5 charm. 

To help keep students necklaces in a safe place and so kiddos remember to wear them on Fridays I created an Acceralated Reader Hall of Fame. To identify whose necklace is whose I created these brag tags, that you can get here as a FREEBIE!!

We are off to a great start and my kiddos are so excited to take an AR quiz!!!

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