Friday, March 7, 2014

Rainbow Word Practice

To help students practice their sight words our team took the Dolch primer and preprimer list and grouped them in sets of 8. We then assigned each group a different color. In October students take home their first set of words. They practice them all week and we test them on an assigned day. If they know all of the words we give them the next set of words. Once they have mastered all of the words we move on to writing the words. It is amazing how motivated students are to learn their sight words. They can't wait to get the next color!

To practice the words in school students take a plastic school box and build the words using lacing letters. They build each word and string it in a pipe cleaner. Every so often I have to re do the boxes because the letters get mixed up. My kiddos had so much fun mixing all the letters up today and sorting them back out into the correct boxes. 

I store all of the pencil boxes in a plastic container.
These would also be great to use during your guided reading groups. 

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