Thursday, March 6, 2014

Grace for President

Last year in preparation for Common Core my reading teacher did a PD on close reading. At the time I was super excited and used it at least once a week if not more. With everything that we have been doing this year I kinda forgot about Close Reading until the other day when I was searching through my guided reading binder and found my notes from the PD. I love it when I find things that I had forgotten. I added Close Reading to my To Do List... with the intention of doing a couple of close reading in the up coming weeks.

Now I don't have a mounted SMART Board but I love using SMART Notebook to organize and teach my lessons. So with that and knowing that I wanted to plan a couple of Close Reading lessons I sat down to create a template of what I wanted the lesson and SMART Board to look like. Here are a couple of snap shoots of what my SMART Board for close reading looks like.

I am not sure how it works but I am going to try and see what happens. If you want to see the rest of my slides in this lesson head over to my teacher pay teachers store and download the SMART Notebook file

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