Monday, March 10, 2014

Leprechaun Traps

Lucky visited our classroom this morning and my kiddos went nuts. They were soo excited!!!! We decided that we needed to make traps to catch our silly leprechaun. We started our research by reading a couple of books about Leprechauns to figure out what Leprechauns like.

Students then decided on what they would like to make their Leprechaun traps. While my kiddos were at specials I emailed there moms and dads stating our plan and asking for supplies. 

Here is what they wanted to build their traps. 
·        Paper towel rolls
·        Tin foil
·        Straws
·        String
·        Old show boxes
·        Pringle containers
·        Egg carton
·        Gold foil
·        Gold beads
·        Sticky gems
·        clovers
Anything shinny!!!

Our plan is to start making our traps tomorrow. Stay tuned for pictures!!!

In my writing center I added this mini book so that students could write a book about Leprechauns. They were so excited!!

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