Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Oh how they have grown....

I am lucky enough to have a student intern this fall and by lucky I mean it is awesome!!! We are both able to pull small groups during Daily 5. Today we were talking about how much our kiddos have grown in their reading over the past week.  So today I decided to share a couple of things that are working for us.

Up first is the planning template that we use.  You can grab your free copy here.

We have been spending a lot of time rhyming these last few weeks.  This week we have been playing Rolling Apples!

As for books we would be no where with out Reading A to Z.  Just love them and the selection of books that they have. If you have not checked out Reading A to Z it is worth it. I promise.

I am still new with this awesome F&P calculator but it is really coming in handy!

We have only introduced 2 but our kiddos are really catching on to the strategies and it is showing in their reading.

Up Next for next week we will be working on using our sight words to write sentences.  I think we will be using the mini dry erase boards so that we are saving paper.  We will also be working on counting syllables by playing my newest game Alligator Chomp!!! Check it out on TpT

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