Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Daily 5-Work on Writing

This year instead of having students continue to work on their stories that we started during writing workshop I decided to change things up a bit.  So I ordered students green folders to match their green book boxes. :-)  During Work on Writing they can put their writing pieces in this folder and keep it separate from their writing workshop folders, which are blue.

Here are our Work on Writing Folders

Here are our Book Boxes

What else is different....I give them story starters!! They are loving coloring the pictures and creating their own stories to go along with them.

Here are the Halloween story starters that I will put out next week.  Grab them here for FREE.

I am also going to start using my huge stock pile of sticker. Then students can write sticker stories.  This is so simple!!! All you do is put 2-3 stickers on a sheet of writing paper and students add the setting and the words to tell the story. Grab a blank sticker story paper HERE!

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