Saturday, November 2, 2013

Lego Racers

We did our first STEM project of the year on Friday. We spent Tuesday and Thursday doing some inquiry on how things move and different types of cars. We started by watching How_Things_Move (2) from Discovery Streaming.

Then we sorted pictures on how they move.

You can download this sort here.

My husband being the fabulous man that he is made me two ramps to test the cars on. We used different match box cars to see which ones went down the ramp the fastest and the straightest. Here is what we found.

Then it was time to build. We watched this short video to give them some ideas on how to put Legos together to but a car.

I gave my kiddos free rein on what they used to build their car.

Here are my kids getting ready to test our cars.

Here are some of the cars that my kiddos made.

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