Friday, November 8, 2013

How Animals Move

I have been hard at work planning my National Board Entry 3 lesson. I have decided to do a lesson on how animals move.

We are going to start by reading an article from National Geographic entitled On the Move.

Then students are going to sort different animals by how they move.  We are going to do this using Smart Notebook Software and students are also going to have paper copies in front of them.

To tie in some writing students are going to write about their favorite animal and how that animal moves.  At the top of each paper will be a shape.  This will help me group students to share what animal they choose and how that animal moves.

We are working on our speaking and listening skills in this lesson so at the end of the lesson students will evaluate how they did listening to others and speaking to their group.  You can download my speaking and listening rubric here.

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