Monday, April 1, 2013

Making Ten

Our Addition unit was just over 4 weeks long.  The last week we focused on making sets of ten.  We introduced this unit by breaking the class into groups of 4 and giving them an addition problem with a missing addend.  We also gave them a ten frame and some counts.  As a group they had to figure out what the missing addend was and explain how they got it.  Each group had one student who carried the group but with practice they got.  After they worked in groups they divided into pairs to complete the same type of problem, then everyone got their own problem to do.

At the end of the lesson a few still did not understand therefore the next day we played making 10 go fish.Check out the game on my TpT site.

We also played Spill the Beans to practice making groups of 10. Each student go 10 lima beans that have one side that is painted orange and a cup.  They would spill the beans on the table and record how many orange ones they had.  They then wrote down the addition sentence and used the ten frame to figure out how many more they needed to make ten.  Get this recording sheet for FREE on my TpT site.

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