Monday, October 7, 2013

Home Away from Home!

I don't know about you but my classroom is my home.  Most weeks I spend more time there than I do at my own home.  Here are some pictures of my "home away from home".

My word wall and book boxes.

Computers and some books. The green chair next to the book case is the Question Chair.  During small group time if students have a question they sit in the Question Chair and wait patiently until I can answer their question.

My small group area. In the right hand corner you can see part of my classroom library.

This is my reading corner.  As you can see not all of my books are here...

Here is my corner.  I opted not to have a desk, instead I have a long rectangular table. It gives me so much more room.  The letter trays that you see front and center are where students keep their writing folders and math journals.

Circle Area.

Math Independent Time Buckets.

What your favorite part of your "Home Away From Home"?

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