Saturday, March 23, 2013

Addition! Addition! Addition!

This week we wrapped up our unit on Addition. Here are some of the cool things we did.

Shakin' Addition!! Inside each water bottle are two dice and some glitter.  Students shake the bottle to move the dice and then look at the bottom to figure out what they landed on.  Students would then record the numbers on their recording sheet and add them together.

Sharks!! This is a favorite in my classroom.  My students begged me to play this one just about everyday.  It comes from Heidi's Song. I photocopied the sharks on card stock and put them in sheet protectors to make them last longer. To play students roll a dice and draw that many teeth on the top of the sharks mouth.  Then they roll the dice and draw that many teeth on the bottom of the sharks mouth.  On his tail I would have them write the addition sentence to go along with it.

Searching for Gold!! With common core students are required to be fluent with math facts 0-5 so I created this game to practice that skill. You can find it here at my TpT store.  Students draw a card from the deck and solve the addition problem but they have to be careful because the Leprechaun is somewhere in the deck trying to take their gold.  The students loved it!!!

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