Monday, October 8, 2012

Read for the Record-Ladybug Day

Thursday October 4th was Read for the Record Day.  This year we read Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad.  My students had so much fun learning about Ladybugs.  We started our day out by making Ladybug Glyphs.  Students answered questions about themselves to make their own ladybugs.  It is amazing what they learned about each other.

Our reading specialist came into read Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad to us.  While she was reading some of my wonderful parent volunteers helped me dye frosting red for our ladybug cookies.  Students decorated sugar cookies to look like ladybugs.  They loved licking the extra frosting off of the spoons.  We even added Hershey drops for ladybug spots. 

During science we created a KWL about ladybugs.  I was very impressed with everything they knew and everything they remembered from our story.

A class favorite was making their own ladybug hats.  Students loved making these and wore them all day.

We had tons of fun and can't wait to see what next years book will be.  Here is a cute ladybug sight word book you can download and share with your class.

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