About Me

From the time I was little I have always wanted to be a teacher. I have vivid memories of playing school with my sister in our basement. She was always the student and I was always the teacher. When I was old enough to work I gravitated to the childcare profession, which is where I have stayed. I graduated from the College of Notre Dame with my bachelors degree in Liberal Arts and with my masters degree in Early Childhood/Elementary Education. I knew from the beginning that Kindergarten was my passion. I love working with the "little ones" and seeing their sense of wonder.

I have a very cute chocolate lab named Ruben. You are bound to hear many more Ruben stories if you are in my class.

I am very close to my family. My mom is my best friend and by far my biggest cheerleader.  I am also close to my sister even though she doesn't live close by anymore. We talk all the time and visit as much as we can. 

This is a picture of my sister and my cousin. In the top picture we were baby sitting chocolate labs for a weekend. Now 17 years later we all have chocolate labs of our own. 

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